Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uttareni tailam for weight loss

Uttareni has very good medicinal properties. It is common grass plant found in every nook and corner. Ayurveda gives very high importance to this plant.
Latin: Achyranthes aspera
English:Prickly flower
Hindi: Apang,chirchira,chirchita

Below is a very simple and easy to make medicine for effective loss of fat. this is tried and tested at my home. 

Uttareni Tailam:

Before making this, wash uttareni leaves(You need a lot of them- but is is very easy to get this), pound them and extract juice of 1 litre. 
Add one liter of  Sesame Oil (good Quality)  and boil the mixture on a low flame till the quantity is reduced to the quantity of the oil.(to be one ltr approx)
Store this in a clean bottle.

Heat this oil to a luke warm condition and apply it on the parts with excess fat. (Thighs, Tummy, Hands etc)
Wait for one hour and take bath normally.
You can see the results in one month. No diet restrictions are needed.(I dont mean increase your fat intake. Normal food)
Uttareni oil penetrates into the flesh and burns the excess fat and also relieves from all the skin problems.
You get glowing skin also with this

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